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Back to School with KBZ Architects

Back in January I received a call from the delightful Thierry H. Cassan at Kruger Bensen Zimmer Architects, Inc. Lucky for me, he had seen some of the recent work I did for MOXI (the new kid science museum in Santa Barbara) and was hoping I could make some images of their fantastic new building at Santa Barbara City College. Thierry gave me a tour of the building, showed me a few angles and rooms he hoped to photograph, then left me to do whatever I wanted. This is my absolute favorite way to shoot a project - no real time constraints and full license to roam around and make images. I probably visited the site more than 10 times - visiting only during the best weather and setting up each shot at the optimal time of day. Aside from a dodging skateboarders and ducking a few aggressive pigeons - the shoot was great fun from start to finish. Thanks Theirry, everyone at KBZ, all the people at SBCC who helped me gain access when needed, and especially the security guard who looked the other way when I climbed on top of an adjacent rooftop for a shot. The images were immediately picked up and published by Architect Magazine. Check it out here:

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