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MOXI Museum For AB design

MOXI is open! Lucky for me, Josh Blumer and Clay Aurell of AB design were overly generous with their time and provided me with two individual private tours of the building. They both shared many of their ideas and inspirations for the space - allowing me to focus on certain elements of the building that were important to them. All in all, I think I spent 4 whole days shooting inside and out - mostly during museum open hours. Lots of the them. Everywhere. Which was great, because I wanted to show the spaces being used by their most important and prevalent customers. Sure, occasionally someone kicked my tripod or wanted to see thru the lens - small price to pay because I really think these photos come to life with all the little creatures scurrying around. Huge thank you to Josh, Clay and Christen at AB design, as well as Martha Swanson and Steve Hinkley for all their help.

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