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Modern Makeover with Bildsten Architecture

Ellen Bildsten from Bildsten Architecture and Planning ( recently contacted me to help make some images of a modern makeover they had just finished building in Isla Vista. Normally when I think of Isla Vista, I imagine couches on fire, the smell of beer, loud music, and a million bikes roaming around (yes, I lived there for one year whilst attending UCSB so I have some serious first-hand knowledge). This house might change my whole perspective of the place. What started out as a fairly ordinary tract home was completely re-imagined and brilliantly transformed into a shiny new modern landmark in the hood. One of my favorite features was the Corten Steel skin that, well, skins the front of the house. The color and mood of the steel constantly changes throughout the day, making for a fabulous subject to photograph. The interior was just as fantastic, and I had a stupendous time with Ellen and Erica from Bildsten, as well as owners Billy and Tram. Here are a few photos from the day - huge thanks to all.

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