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Off to Mexico for Baswood Corporation

Traveling to Iowa for Baswood Corporation in the dead of winter must have built up some serious karma because they called me back to make some images of one of their new facilities in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. How's that for payback! I shouldn't bad-mouth Iowa, I had a great time shooting there and the crew at Baswood was fantastic as usual! This time was a wee bit trickier - my main contact down in Mexico barely spoke English and the plant I was to photograph was surrounded by an ugly construction site. Time to break out some Spanglish and walk the entire property to find an angle that showed the facility but hid the environs. No problem! The hardest part of the whole job turned out to be resisting the margaritas at lunch. Good problem to have.......... Big thanks to CEO Mike Walker and all the great people at Baswood. Another huge gracias to Guillermo for all the help at the plant and for his patience with my terrible Spanish.

Nothing like backhoes and outhouses to help out a photo..........

slightly better angle - after a few photoshop tricks.......

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