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Andrulaitis + Mixon Architects

Is it raining inside this incredible Craftsmen Kitchen from the boards of Andrulaitis + Mixon? ( No, I just wanted to include the photo because it makes my left arm look super buff for some reason. For those of you who have worked with me on location before, you know how fabulous it is to shoot remotely with a trusty iPad. I set up a wireless network that allows me (and the client and/or stylist) to see live view from the camera directly on the iPad. Adjusting the location of a few flowers - or - as in this case, diffusing some direct light blasting thru a skylight all becomes a delightfully easy task working remotely on the iPad. Gone are the days of adjusting something then running back to the camera or tethered laptop to take a look. Or if I really want to date myself, I remember the days of shooting Polaroids to check lighting and composition. This dinosaur prefers the iPad. Super big thanks to Kent Mixon and everyone at Andrulaitis + Mixon for getting me into this fantastic house. Also a big thank you to the skunk who didn't spray me when he walked over my foot in the dark as I finished up the photo below. Just one of the many dangers of being an architectural photographer.........

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