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Baswood Corporation

How does a trip to Iowa in the dead of winter to photograph a waste-water treatment plant sound? OK, doesn't sound super exciting at first glance.................But who doesn't like a challenge? Baswood Corporation is doing some amazing things around the globe, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to help make some images for them. I stuffed my tripod case with as many extra layers as I could find and hopped on a plane for the midwest. No problems at all inside the plant where it was a balmy 62 degrees. A slightly different story for the dawn exterior photo. 5am. temperature with windchill, minus 5 degrees F. I know, I know, no big deal for more than half the country who live and work in these temps all the time. Tough times for my thin Santa Barbara blood..... I somehow managed to pull off a few 30 second exposures before lunging for the rental car parked right behind me. thaw out, change angle, repeat. Overall, a super fun and successful trip (plus I tasted some of the best BBQ ever at Bubb-Q's). A huge thanks to Mike, James, and all the people at Baswood for the help and the laughs.

Best of all, the next Baswood facility on the schedule to photograph is located in Cabo San Lucas.......

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